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Chicken Pox Vaccination In Lanarkshire

Chickenpox, caused by a virus, is a prevalent illness. The chickenpox vaccine provides effective defence against the disease for individuals who haven’t been infected before.

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What is chickenpox?

Chickenpox, also known as varicella, is a common illness caused by a virus that many people catch during childhood. Even if you haven’t had it as a child, you can still get it as an adult. While it typically isn’t dangerous, chickenpox can be uncomfortable, causing an itchy rash and fever that usually clears within a week.

However, it can pose risks to those with weakened immune systems, newborns, and pregnant women. Once you’ve had chickenpox, you’re usually immune for life, but there’s a possibility of developing shingles later on.

How does the Chicken Pox Vaccine work?

The chickenpox vaccine offers effective protection against the illness. It’s a “live” vaccine, containing a weakened form of the virus that triggers your immune system to respond, providing immunity against future exposure to the virus.

It’s important to note that the vaccine doesn’t protect against similar viruses like herpes or prevent shingles. For shingles prevention, a separate vaccination is available. To ensure protection, two doses of the chickenpox vaccine are required, with the second dose administered at least four but no later than eight weeks after the initial dose. Once the course is completed, further boosters aren’t necessary.

If you’ve been exposed to the chickenpox virus, getting vaccinated within three days of exposure can still prevent infection.

The vaccine is available for those from 12 months to 65 year. It is not recommended if you have already had chicken pox.

The vaccination should not be given to pregnant women or those trying to get pregnant. If also administering the MMR vaccine, this should be given on the same day or a 4 week gap should be allowed.

Price – £65 per dose

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