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Ear Wax Removal In Lanarkshire

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Ear Wax Removal In Lanarkshire

We offer a professional ear wax removal in Lanarkshire at Cleland Pharmacy & Travel Clinic which is convenient and accessible for people of Motherwell, Wishaw, Newarthill, Airdrie, Hamilton and surrounding areas.

Ear Wax Removal and Ear Infections Treatment In Lanarkshire

NHS Approved Microsuction In Lanarkshire

Taking care of your hearing is vital with over 25% of the population having excessive ear wax that requires medical intervention. There are many factors that can affect our ear health including age, genetics, misuse of earbuds, exposure to loud noises, in-ear headphones and a build up of excessive ear wax. A deterioration in our ability to hear can often cause people challenges participating in daily life and become socially withdrawn. If you are concerned about your hearing health or you are looking for ear wax removal in Lanarkshire then please contact our team, we can help. We recognise that many patients suffer for prolonged periods of time with blocked ears as GP practices no longer provide this service, NHS waiting lists are over 16-24 weeks and visiting a private hospital for microsuction will cost £250-£400. Cleland Pharmacy is on a mission to provide an accessible ear wax removal service to serve the local community in Motherwell, Wishaw and surrounding areas of Lanarkshire at a fraction of the cost.

Symptoms of excessive ear wax:

Often asymptomatic, excessive ear wax can cause symptoms such as:

  • Partial hearing loss
  • Blocked sensation in the ears
  • Tinnitus
  • Ear pain
  • Dizziness
  • Ear infections
  • Itchiness
  • Ear odour

These are all symptoms that you should get your ears checked as there may have been a change in your ear health.

What to expect from ear wax removal

Microsuction is the gold standard for ear wax removal and it is safer and more effective than traditional methods such as ear syringing or irrigation. Microsuction involves using a high definition video microscope to directly visualise the ear wax while gently removing it with a low pressure suction probe. The process is quick and painless and does not involve any water – it is a simple and clean procedure. Our expert pharmacists in Cleland Pharmacy in Lanarkshire will carry out a hearing health check on your ears and where excessive ear wax is present, remove the wax by microsuction.

Appointments are carried out in our private consultation room in store. Where patients are not mobile, we can offer a home visit (depending on availability).

To find out more about getting ear wax removed at Cleland Pharmacy in Lanarkshire, please give us a call or book your appointment using the booking link below.

Price for hearing health check & ear wax removal by microsuction: £55

Price for Hearing health check alone (where there is no wax present): £20

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Should you require more information, you can contact us. Alternatively, you can book your appointment for ear wax removal today using the simple booking form below or by calling us on 01698 861646.