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Ear Wax Removal Lanarkshire - Number 1 Clinic In The Region
Cleland Pharmacy & Travel Clinic
Sep 2023
Ear Wax Removal Lanarkshire - Number 1 Clinic In The Region
Ear Wax Removal Lanarkshire

After the launch of our ear wax removal service at start of this year, it has been incredible to see how much demand there has been. Excessive ear wax is much more common than you would imagine, with microsuction relieving the symptoms and improving the quality of life for many! In this Blog, we will run through what ear wax is, the process of ear wax removal by microsuction and how you can book into our clinic in Lanarkshire.

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What is Ear Wax and how can it become problematic?

Ear wax is essential as it keeps the ear canal lubricated and acts as a defence mechanism against debris and bacteria helping fight infection. For most people, it does not cause any problems and removes itself naturally. However, an excess of ear wax can result in hearing difficulties and discomfort.

Factors that can lead to excessive ear wax build up include:

  • Overproduction of ear wax
  • Utilising cotton buds / Q-tips
  • Wearing hearing aids, ears plugs or earphones
  • Narrow or damaged ear canals
  • Genetics
  • Age

Symptoms of accumulation of ear wax include:

  • Ear pain
  • Sensation of fullness in the ear (blocked feeling)
  • Hearing loss
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Hearing loss
  • Odour or discharge
  • Itching
Lanarkshire Microsuction Ear Wax Removal - Advantages of the procedure

There are a variety of methods for ear wax removal. In recent years, microsuction has proved the most popular among patients and has become the ‘gold standard’ for ear wax removal.

When compared to traditional forms of ear wax removal, microsuction is the favoured technique for ear wax removal due to it being:

  • Safer
  • Quicker
  • More efficient / better results
  • Better tolerated and less side effects
  • Cleaner and less mess
Ear Wax Removal By Microsuction: What To Expect:

Prior to the procedure, it is important that you soften the ear wax by putting 2-3 drops of olive oil or sodium bicarbonate ear drops into the ears, twice daily for 3-5 days prior to your appointment. This ensures the wax is soft and provides the best results following the microsuction procedure.

During the procedure, a comprehensive medical history will be taken and microscopic equipment will be used to examine the inner ear canals and ear drums. A specialist pharmacist from Cleland Pharmacy will use a low pressure suction device to gently extract the ear wax from your ear canal. Using Award Winning Technology from Tympa Health Technologies, the process is painless, non-invasive and takes only a few minutes.

Following the procedure, no further action is required and you can resume all normal activity immediately.

Advice To Maintain Good Ear Health From Our Expert Clinicians:

Excellent ear health is vital for your overall wellbeing with deterioration in ear health and a build up for excessive ear wax leading to hearing loss, increased risk of infection and social isolation.

Our Expert clinicians at Cleland Pharmacy have summarised 4 top tips to maintain good ear health:

  • Keep your ears dry - prolonged exposure to moisture can increase the risk of infections. After showering, bathing or swimming, always tilt your head to allow the water to exit and dry your ears with a towel.
  • Protect your ears from loud noises - exposure to loud noises can harm the delicate ear structures and ultimately result in hearing loss. When in loud areas, use ear protection.
  • Do not use cotton buds / Q tips - these tools can push the wax further into your ears leading to a build up and blockage in the ear canal. Use olive oil ear drops and a professional ear wax removal service such as Cleland Pharmacy Ear Wax Removal Clinic.
  • Arrange periodic ear health check ups - regular check ups, allow ear health issues to be assessed and diagnosed early, ultimately preventing deterioration and allowing prompt treatment. Ear Health Check Ups can be booked with the expert pharmacists at Cleland Pharmacy in Lanarkshire.
Ear Wax Removal In Lanarkshire - How to Book An Appointment?

Our expert pharmacists at Cleland Pharmacy have treated 1000s of ears for infections and excessive ear wax removal by microsuction. Book Your Appointment Online Today or give us a call if you require further information on 01698 861646

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